Mezzanine floors are a very cost effective way of increasing the way you use the cubic space of your premises.

The service that we offer can enable companies to expand or contract their operations to run from existing facilities giving a very rapid payback on investment.

GV Engineering preferred construction is to have an inset deck construction with deck beams attached directly to the web of the main beams. This offers superior rigidity and stability also reducing the unnerving bounce experienced on lesser products.

Mezzanine Floors can be built to suit almost any loading requirement, with standard constructions are available from 2.5 to 20kN/sq m, thats about quarter of a tonne to two tonnes per square metre.

  • Columns – rectangular hollow sections or universal column sections
  • Main Beams – Universal beam sections
  • Deck Beams – galvanised cold rolled steel sections
  • Decking – Plywood, solid steel plain plate, chequer plate or open steel mesh panels to suit your application
  • Handrailing – Is generally galvanised tube type but where required alternatives such as stainless steel can be supplied
  • Fire Protection – Fire protection can be incorporated where required using a variety of techniques to minimise cost or improve aesthetics